Professonal CD-Player System
  • Simultaneous remote control of two Compact Disc Players
  • Fast random access - within two seconds - to track and time
  • Dial for accurate fast/slow frame search
  • Simultaneous alphanumeric displays for preset and programme
  • Pre-programmable sequencing of tracks and time
  • Professional (symmetrical line )audio outputs

The Philips LHH0501 Professional Compact Disc Player System provides extensive facilities in sound reproduction and editing. It comprises two professional quality compact disc players, and an easy-to-operate remote control console. The latter features a built-in audio mixer and bar graph type, peak programme level indicators. In addition, tow alphanumeric displays are provided - one each for "preset" and "programme". These indicate, on twenty-character displays, the following information:

- Absolute time code + frame number
- A precise indication of the elapsed time since the pause prior to the first piece of music on the disc.

- Relative time code + frame number
- the exact amount of time from the beginning of the track being played

- Absolute time-to-go + frame number
- The amount of time which remains to be played on the disc, from any given point.

- Relative time-to-go + frame number
- How much time remains on the particular track being played.

- Music number + index number
- ISRC number of music being played
- Catalogue number of disc being played
- Table of contents
- Information on starting time and duration of each track

Fast and accurate access to programme information
Access to programme information with the Philips LHH0501 system is both fast and accurate. Within 2 secons, access is possible to the following information, with an accuracy of 13,3 milliseconds (or one frame):
- Track number
- Absolute time code
- Relative time code
- Absolute time-to-go
- Relative time-to-go

A pushbutton on the system's control console also permits access to that part of a programme where the next index number starts.

Easy operation
Operation of the Professional CD-Player System is easy and straightforward. In normal operation, one player is in the "programme" mode, and the other is in "preset" mode. It is only when a player is in the "preset" mode that commands can be executed, the player then automatically enters the "pause" mode. However, it will not begin playing untill the fader on the audio mixer console is activated.
The player in the "programme" mode changes to the "preset" mode when the fader control is closed, and the last entered command(s) is then auto-matically exectued. A "continue" knob is also provided on the control panel, which if depressed, allows the whole pre-programmed system to be overridden. At all times, the twenty character alphanumeric displays give a precise indication of the status of each player.

Convenient manual search
A large flywheel driven dial is provided on the system's control console. This enables searching through a disc's information, and the selection of a starting point at any part of the programme. Search can be carried out at any speed - from slow to fast - depending upon how quickly the dial is turned.

Programming possibilities
With the Philips LHH0501 Professional CD-Player System, pre-programming can ben carried out. A series of commands can be entered into the system's memory via the control console. After the "start" command is given, the system then performs the commands which have been entered, playing tracks in any desired sequence.

Technical data
Frequency response: 20-20.000Hz +/-0,1dB
Total harmonic distortion: <=0,005%
Wow and flutter: below measurable limits
Dynamic range: more than 94dB
Output level: nom.+6dBm, 600 ohms balanced

Access time: 2 seconds or less

Audio rise: within 0,3sec

- control unit: 483x210x474mm (wxhxd)
- player: 420x88x315mm (wxhxd)
Power consumption
- control unit: 70W
- player: 25W
- control unit: 9 kg
- player (each): 8,2kg
Main supply:
220V +/-10%, 50/60Hz;
110V +/-10%, 50/60Hz

Brochure Philips LHH0501