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HILVERSUM - For the first time, the music, which will be used for the stereo test tomorrow (Hilversum 4, 23.00 to 23.55), will come directly from a digital compact disc. The test, broadcast by Hobbyscoop (NOS), is intended for listeners who want to know if their stereo equipment at home is properly tuned and of good quality.

The uniqueness of the stereo test is that in no other way can the radio receiver (tuner) can be evaluated. For testing the gramophone, amplifier and loudspeakers, this can also use measuring plates. However, the tuner can only be tested using control signals transmitted by the broadcaster.

The music used for tomorrow's test will be of the highest attainable quality. In fact, the fragments being broadcast will come from a digital computer disc (compact disc) that will be modestly available on the market next year. The disc will be fed directly to the transmitter, ensuring minimal distortion and very low noise levels.

Comments on the test program (P.O. Box 1200, 1200 BE Hilversum) will be addressed in mid-January in the regular Hobbyscoop broadcast on Hilversum 2 and 4.

newspaper article Compact Disc for the first time in stereo test

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