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ROTTERDAM - A number of radio and TV stores did not participate yesterday in the officially started sales of the new compact disc, the new indestructible gramophone record to be played by means of a laser beam.

V&D is not yet offering the new equipment (costing some 2,000 guilders) for sale. "The decision to do so has yet to be taken at a high level," said the Rotterdam branch.

Only Radio Correct in Rotterdam, where customers could already subscribe to the sale since November, responded enthusiastically.

"The interest in the compact disc is clearly there, although it is not as if people have spent the night on the sidewalk to get one," Correct said.

"Leaflets have been widely hunted, and the demand for the discs exceeded the still small supply."

Correct called the public interest above expectations, despite the rather high price. Turksma also counted dozens of interested people yesterday, even though the company does not yet have the compact disc on sale.

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