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Given a choice between players, HiFi for Pleasure recently said, "We would plump for the Philips in terms of sound quality because, for whatever reason, it is simply more pleasant to listen to for longer periods." We weren't in the least surprised.

We did after all, dream up the idea of compact disc. Creating the first music reproduction system ever to reproduce silent passages silently.

Philips CD100 advertisement August 1983

We've also been the first hi fi manufacturer to translate this technology into a complete range of players. Our Philips CD100 being the world's most compact CD player. Our Philips CD200 being a fitting crown for just about any hi fi rack. And our Philips CD300 features drawer loadinq so it can slot rather neatly inside any rack.

Each can be programmed to play up to 1 hour's music in any order you decide. Each will reproduce music precisly as the performer intended. Giving you pure, perfect sound that will last for eternity.

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