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Forget parking the car and queuing in the rain. Forget all those interruptions of people coughing and scraping their feet. Stay at home with Marantz and turn your living room into a concert hall with the sound quality, the presence and the dynamics of a live performance. How? With the Marantz Concert System.

At its heart is the Marantz CD84 Compact Disc Player. It has the highly acclaimed Marantz system of digital filtering with oversampling.In effect, it samples a signal 176,400 times a second (four times the norm), ensuring a perfectly smooth response.

Marantz cd84 advertisement November 1984

The result is true musical sound, remarkably open and detailed, you hear even loud passages of music without distortion or muddle.

The Marantz CD84 also has a laser optical tracking system of unique simplicity. You can skip tracks, pre-select up to 24 tracks in any order. Or repeat tracks at will. All with the minimum of fuss. Press the button,out comes the motorized tray insert the compact disc (it will last forever), press 'play', and the concert begins.

Next, the Marantz amp, the Marantz PM54. It has been specifically designed to take in its stride the high frequencies and extended bass so brilliantly recorded on compact disc.

It has what we at Marantz call an Automatic Voltage Shift System. Simply put, it boosts the peak power out-put, releasing reserves of power that prevent the amplifier distorting on the crescendos. Notice the clean, uncluttered fascia: one 'direct button' channels the signal direct from the source via the volume control to the power amplifier. The result? Pure music.

Finally, the Marantz LD50 speakers. Housed in Walnut-finished, high density particleboard, they have double thickness front baffles to give greater rigidity, eliminate cabinet resonance and improve the stereo image. Like the Marantz amp, they're specially designed to handle signals from a compact disc player, giving the best of bass extension, efficiency and transient response.

The Marantz Concert System. The complete sound system which, thanks to infrared remote control, you can even operate without leaving your chair. Let alone leaving home.