Dutchaudioclassics is proud to present a glimpse into the past with a collection of videos dedicated to the exciting period of the introduction of the Compact Disc Digital Audio format. These videos capture the revolutionary technology that changed the way we listen to music, and the enthusiasm of early adopters as they experienced the exceptional sound quality of CDs for the first time. From early demonstrations and interviews with developers, to the launch of the first CD players and listening parties, these videos provide a unique window into the history of the compact disc.

As the compact disc system was developed by Philips and other companies, it was introduced to the public in 1982. It was a revolutionary technology that changed the way we listen to music, and it was also a commercial success. The compact disc was a significant improvement over the LP, which was the primary music storage medium before the introduction of the compact disc. The videos on our website are a reminder of this exciting period in which the compact disc digital audio format was new and how it changed the music industry forever.

We invite you to take a trip down memory lane and experience the early days of the compact disc digital audio format with our collection of videos. We hope you will enjoy them and remember the excitement of this period in music history. If you have any information or footage of your own from this period, please feel free to contact us and share it with our visitors.

Philips honored with IEEE Milestone Award for the development of the Compact Disc System